An aesthete, a lover of the visual world , a born romantic and a life lover.....

Function, form  and harmony of the home interior has always been important to me. I am a very practical person and therefore I very much appreciate functionality, but without neglecting the aesthetic side.

A space or home can be both beautiful AND functional!

I live strongly through what I see and I constantly sense, feel and monitor the world around me, checking out new trends and good vibes.

My strength in interior designing is mixing and matching design & vintage, finding strong personal solutions with interesting materials and color harmony. 

In furniture I prefer Scandinavian, timeless classics and materials that are of good quality, natural and sustainable. 

I love old buildings and I'm a big fan of old architecture.

In my interior designs I always want to emphasize the character of the building and space, respecting it and bringing out the best of it. 

The natural light, reflections and lighting in the space also plays significant roles in my designs. 

Sometimes, in my plannings, I suggest using strong colors and solutions to get the right feel and atmosphere to the space and together with the clients furniture, decor and details the outcome is always unique and personal, as it  should be. Always.

It's all about harmony and balance.

"East meets West" and a touch of  Feng Shui can also be sensed in my work.