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Interior and spatial design for homes and public spaces.

Are you about to move, facing a lack of space or having trouble matching inherited furniture to your home? Are you thinking of problematic spots in your home or
office? Which colours would work best? Tell us your problem, your wishes and your desires so that we can design the rooms of your dreams. I will help you see the spaces as both a functional and visual entity. Order an interior design from an experienced professional!


The interior design made by YIN & YANG DESIGN allows you to implement the interior of your dreams at a timeframe that suits you – even step by step,
while still maintaining control.

Each project is a unique ensemble. The most important thing is to create the mood and style according to your wishes. It is not always necessary to renew the entire interior or to replace all the furniture. Instead, you can change the
atmosphere of the space significantly even with small changes!

YIN & YANG DESIGN combines new and old styles and looks for harmony in function, colour and shapes. My goal is to create contrasts that catch the eye and make the interior unique, beautiful and interesting. As a well-studied visualist, I will also be happy to help with store interior as well as exhibition stand design.


Yin and Yang are one of the original symbols representing harmony and balance. Yin stands for feminine energy and Yang for masculine energy.
The symbol represents the interaction of two complementary, opposing forces, energies that cannot exist without the other. Together, they form a harmonious and balanced, perfect circle.

The relationship between Yin and Yang changes all the time, like the relationship between light and shadow. Each time of the day and each season has its own energy and everything is always interplaying with each other.

Just as in the whole world we live in, the differences and contrasts in the interior are beautiful and important. Together they create the perfect balance.

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