YIN & YANG DESIGN provides spatial design. The entire service product follows a precise process to create a space that fulfils all your wishes.

Contact us and tell us about out your dreams and desires!

Design Path


Contact us and tell us about your dreams and wishes!
The needs and desires for the design are discussed and
we inspect the premises of the design area.
We will have a preliminary discussion on budget and schedule.
Within a few days you will receive a quote for the design work.


After accepting the offer, we will have a kick-off meeting where we will go
through all the necessary steps to get the project started and sign a design

Brainstorming, sketching and designing:

At this point, desires, needs and realities merge. We communicate by phone, email and meet when necessary.

Draft meeting:

In this meeting, you can have a look at sketches and samples of suggested materials.
3D modelling helps you visualize dimensioning, ambiance and output.


The design is finalized based on the decisions made at the draft meeting.
At the end you will receive a job description, room cards and agreed drawings for implementing the plan.
After that, implementation of the plan can be started.
Finding suitable contractors, coordinating bids and managing the project can also be a part of our contract.

A Final Look:

Once the design has been completed at the site and everything have been finished, we will discuss the outcome and have a photoshoot of the space.

Personalized service

Each design project is its own unique entity. The content and scope of each project will be mapped together before the design work begins. There are many different aspects of interior design, and a design project can include all or just some of these.

I serve clients in Finland and abroad.

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