Interior Design. Space planning.
For your home and public spaces.

Are you moving, having lack of space or trying to fit in your inheritance in your homeinterior ?

Are you struggling with how to solve interior planning challenges ? What colors to choose?

Tell me your problem, wish and vision and together we can work out a plan for you and create your dream interior.

 I will help you to see your space as a functional and visually pleasant whole.

The Interior Design plan made by Yin&Yang Design gives you the opportunity to fulfill the interior of your dream at your own pace, gradually if you want, still keeping in mind

the big picture. 

Every project is a distinctive whole. The importance is to create an ambiance and style just right for you - according to your wishes.

You don't always have to renew the whole interior or change all the furniture!

It's about bringing together old and new, finding harmony in form and  function, colors and shades and creating contrasts that are like eye candy and feeds your curiosity.

An individual, beautiful and interesting interior never goes out of style. 

I am also educated in visual merchandising and can help you with issues related to it.

"The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space"

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