Every design work is unique and special!

An Interior design plan includes many different areas and the plan can consist all of the areas, some of them or even just one.

* Space planning ; sizing, dimensioning and planning of the different  functions in the space.

* Materials and color pallets. 

* Fitting, fixture for kitchens, closets, cabinets, utility rooms, bathrooms. 

* Furniture and lighting.

* Textiles and fabrics ; upholstery, curtains, rugs and carpets.

* if needed, help with inquiries, offers and orders for materials can be provided.

* Visual merchandising. 


When a detailed mapping of the Interior design plan has been made, within a couple of days, you will receive an offer. To make the offer as valid as possible it is essential that all the desires, details and wishes of the project are given to the designer. 

If you only need advice with a minor issue, a consultation can be enough.

In a consultation we talk beforehand about your needs and challenges  with the space that you want to remodel. After that I will pay you a visit and together we find the best possible solution for you.

If you are happy with your interior, but still have difficulties with the lighting or textiles in the space, I will be glad to help you also in smaller matter.

I provide service for client in Finland and also abroad.

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